Trust you inner guidance

Sometimes it’s overwhelming how many thoughts appear in my mind about the holographic world I’m living in. My mind wants to understand how everything is connected, mirrored, moves, expands. But it never can get the real picture. It’s too restricted. Though there is something else inside me, that is looking with different eyes, hearing with different ears, feeling, knowing from another place.
The only thing that helps me when my head is trying to place what appears in my formless ocean of consciousness is writing. It carries all of this noice out of my mind. I often have an impulse to write things down while I’m walking or just sitting somewhere. But handwriting flows too slowly then and my notebook is too large and heavy for carrying it with me all the time.
This morning I had one of this moments where I really was craving for a keyboard to let my fingers type in all that was moving trough my thoughts. And all of a sudden I was watching myself walking into an apple store, asking for the lightest and smallest notebook they had. I did not even seem to be interested in the price. I heard my voice saying something like „I’ll take this”, drawing my credit card, typing in a pin and then walking out of the store completely without any question about the amount I just payed. A few minutes later I found myself in a cafe, typing into this adorable notebook everything that was going through my head and feeling absolutely satisfied. As I wanted to pay my chai, the waiter whispered to me that I was invited. The universe is always celebrating with you when you just do what you’re supposed to do.